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Environmental Hygiene, Sanitation and Waste Management

SNU is the first University in the country to offer this one Semester course for undergraduates as recommended by MGNCRE (MHRD), Govt. of India. The curriculum of the course is interdisciplinary in nature and intended to serve as an introduction to the major issues of environmental health science with a focus on India, although global health issues are considered as well. The course will examine what those environmental health issues are, what determines them, and how they can be altered/resolved. As an introductory course it covers many facets of environmental health exposing the students with a broad overview of hygiene, sanitation and waste management for bringing an awareness about its importance in healthy life. The course will provide good grounding for students, especially those who wish to pursue a major coursework in environmental health.

I. Course Curriculum

The course curriculum has the following units:

1. Perspectives: Environmental Health - Hygiene (EH), Sanitation and Waste Management. Introduction to the course
2. Introduction to cleanliness; Sociology of Environmental Hygiene and Sanitation
3. Sanitation: Infrastructure and Maintenance
4. Waste water, treatment and use
5. Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM)
6. Technology for Recovery of Resources and Treatment
7. Solid Waste Management
8. Air hygiene
9. Management of Collectives

II. Field Study and submission of Assignment Report (0.5 Credit)

Visit to a Sanitation site; Participatory Learning for Environmental Hygiene, Sanitation and Waste Management; Solid Waste Management operations of a facility in the Neighborhood

Field visit to Sulabh International, New Delhi