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Dr. Prem Pandey's edited book on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

CESE is pleased to announce the publication of Dr. Pandey’s edited volume, Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Theory and Applications. Prof. Heiko Balzter, University of Leicester United Kingdom, Dr Prashant Srivastava, Banaras Hindu University, Dr George Petropolous GReece, and  Dr Bimal Bhatacharya SAC Ahmedabad, are the collaborating coeditor.

This book aims to provide an all-inclusive overview of state-of-the-art hyperspectral remote sensing and its applications in different research areas. The book is designed in such a way that it will be used by the people in their respective research domains who will realize that hyperspectral technology may offer a solution to their application area. Readers will have a better understanding of how to incorporate and evaluate different approaches to hyperspectral analyses, as well as which approaches may or may not work for the applications of interest. Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Theory and applications is the first volume of the “Series of Earth Observation” by Elsevier. The purpose of this book is not to provide a tutorial in hyperspectral remote sensing; rather, its aim is to provide an illustration of the potential applications and analysis techniques that can be used, addressing the unique challenge in different applications across the globe.

Further sections of book will take readers through all the major applications of hyperspectral remote sensing in vegetation, water, soil, and minerals, as well as pollution detection. Data fusion with other remote sensor images and utilization of spectral indices for different applications are also presented. This section will also demonstrate narrow band and selected bands of hyperspectral data to detect and interpret the level of hydrocarbon pollution in water resources as well as in forest regions. The book describes case studies that have applied this information to the use of hyperspectral remote sensing in forestry, agriculture, water, soil, and mineral applications. The final chapter deals with the future perspective and challenges in hyperspectral remote sensing community.

Published by Elsevier, it is available for purchase online via sciencedirect.com / Elsevier.com