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Life On Campus

Learning and Living are very well blended at the University. Clubs and forums offer various extra-curricular activities for students, faculty and staff. The learning imparted at the University extends beyond the classroom into the residence and dining halls, onto the playing fields and performance stages. The focus is on educating students by bringing them together in these many venues and building and investing in a vibrant co-curricular life. The campus has one of the best-in-class infrastructure and facilities on the campus. The University is equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, reading rooms dedicated to the department, and a central library which has a collection of books, journals, articles etc. In addition, each department has its own library and a collection of both literary and multimedia resources. The undergraduate curriculum at the University places heavy emphasis on experiential learning and co-curricular activities with all students having to participate in some form of the internship, or service learning programme in addition to conducting research both within and outside the classroom setting. This provides students a real-world context for their learning along with subject matter expertise and broad-based education.