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Equisetum ramosissimum in the Botanic Garden.jpg
Equisetum ramosissimum conserved in Botanic Garden area
Research projects are undertaken by the faculty either as sponsored projects with the financial assistance by the outside agencies or internal projects funded by SNU. Undergraduate students work on short-term research projects related to various environmental problems under the supervision of the faculty.

Currently, the Center is implementing the following two internal research projects:

  1. Documentation of biodiversity in Chithera Gram Panchayat, Dadri Block Panchayat, Tehsil Dadri, Gautam Budh Nagar Distt., Uttar Pradesh and preparation of a biodiversity register (Jyoti K Sharma, Amit K Tripathi, Mohd Ahmad and Manish Bharadwaj)
  2. Establishment of a Thematic Botanic Garden in the campus of Shiv Nadar University (Jyoti K Sharma, Mohd Ahmad and Amit K Tripathi

Undergraduate students work on short-term  research projects related to various environmental problems under the supervision of Prof. Jyoti K Sharma.  

The following two students have completed OUR projects under Jyoti K Sharma:

(i)Saumya Bhatt: Water Quality of  Main Kalda Distributory Irrigation Canal, a tributary of  Upper Ganga Canal in Dadri, Gautam Buddha Nagar, UP (OUR 2014-15)

(ii) E Vishnu, S.A.:Effects of different sources of water on growth of select vegetables in hydroponic system(OUR 2016-17)

(iii) During the current year (2017-18), Shanjana Ashok Kumar is working on the following OUR Project (2017-18)
     Partitioning of Lead and Cadmium in Plants Grown in Hydroponics, and their Remediation using Chemicals

In addition, the following students are working on various projects:

(i) Ushma Ahuja, Chemical Engineering (Final Year)  is working on her minor project on “Yamuna and its encounter with Sewage Treatment Plants: A Review”  and a major project on  “Status of Sewage Treatment Plantsalong Yamuna River in Delhi” .

(ii) Vineet Chatterjee and Amandeep Bhupal, Second Year students of B.Tech. are working on  a project Dependency of Farmers of Chithara Village on Dairy milk for their livelihood”