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Remote Sensing & GIS Research

At center, RS and GIS is actively forming a research area for faculty and Students (OUR Projects).  Hyperspectral remote sensing, also known as imaging spectroscopy, is a relatively new technology that is currently being investigated by faculty in Forestry, agriculture and Natural Resource management. It includes the detection and identification of plant species- terrestial vegetation & Aquatic vegetation, their mapping and classification, along with biophysicalparameter assessment. Center also focuses on the research related to Drones acquired images for above research themes. The remote sening techniques are emloyed in Forestry, Agriculture and Wetlands for their assessment and monitoring by Dr Pandey and Team. 

Multi-source / Multi-sensor remote sensing data, Drone acquired images and field measurements are implemented for the above projects sponsored by DST, Government of India (see the Faculty Profile for more information on publication). The data is being collected and analysed for output (Research publication is under preparation). 



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