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Xerophytes Garden (Arid & Semi-Arid Zone Plants)

Have you ever wondered how plants survive in areas with very little water? Xerophytes have adapted over thousands of years to live in harsh conditions. This specialized group of plants are called xerophytes that survive in very dry regions. Xerophytes have adapted to survive in an environment can survive with little liquid water, such as a desert or an ice- or snow-covered region of Earth as  they possess specialized features that help them prevent water loss. Approx. 50 xerophytic plant species have been planted in the Xerophytic Garden such as; Acacia spp., Prosopis spp., Cactus sp., Euphorbia spp., Euphorbia tirucalli (Pencil Tree), Opuntia dillenii (Nagphani), Cordia dichotoma (Lasora), Prosopis cineraria (Khejri Tree), Ailanthus excels, Salvadora persica, Salvadora oleoides, Barlaria prionitis, Commiphora spp, Capparis decidua, Albizzia spp., Yucca spp., Jatropha sp.,etc.

(Xerophytes Garden (Arid & Semi-Arid Zone Plants)                                       Xerophytes Garden (Arid & Semi-Arid Zone Plants)