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Ficus Garden

Ficus is an important genus in the family Moraceae. Many of the Ficus or fig trees have their role as keystone species in various ecosystems and provide home to numerous species of birds, butterflies, monkeys, bats and insects. The Ficus religiosa, native to the Indian subcontinent, is one of the religious trees of India worshipped among Hindus as well as followers of Jainism and Buddhism.

A total of 14 species of Ficus have been assembled in the Ficus garden, including Ficus benghalensis, F. benjamina, F. elastica, F. hispida, F. lyrata, F. natalensis subsp. leprieurii, F. racemosa, F. religiosa, F. retusa, F. virens, etc. In NCR this is the first Garden to have so many species of Ficus assembled at one place.

Some of the Ficus spp. in the Ficus Garden